The Pedal Pusher Bike Basket Liner Pattern is Now Available!

My etsy shop is open! And a digital pattern to make this bike basket liner is available for purchase! the pattern includes several options to make the liner to fit your needs. Zippered pockets, bottle holders and different fabric combinations. Full color pictures, written instructions and full size pattern pieces will make this a project you can be proud of.

So, buy the pattern and make your bike basket as cute and as unique as you are! The pattern is made specifically to fit this basket, but if you're good at pattern alterations- you may be able to make it fit another rectangular basket. However, I recommend this basket above all others. It's the best basket I've found. It won't rattle, wobble or fall off during your ride. It's easy to remove and carry with you. It goes back on in a snap. The best part is it comes in just about every color EVER! You can find it on Amazon or at The Bike Barn in Lehi, UT.

Make sure you have Adobe Reader installed to your computer and a working printer and you can have the pattern instantly.

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The Pedal Pusher Bike Basket Sewing Pattern

It's ONLY taken me 7 years, but a digital pattern for my much requested bike basket liner is in the works!!! Follow me on Instagram @isewstuff for updates on availability. It's soon, really soon!

Bike Basket Liner Pattern Anyone?

So, I'm thinking about creating a pattern for this. What do you think? Would you buy it? If so, what format would you like?

It would be for this basket. I've tried others, and the Sunlite is the one for me. My local bike shop carries them, and there are such great colors (scroll down and look at the mesh bottomed ones). Plus, it's really much easier to create a liner for something rectangular. I won't show my non-rectangular basket liner, it's not pretty.

So, let's talk about it. Really.

Oliver and S Croquet Dress

It's been awhile since I've blogged. But this dress pattern is so great, I feel I owe it to Liesl at Oliver and S to talk about how fantastic it is. I'm not surprised, all of her patterns are wonderful. Each time I sew something of her's I'm impressed with the creativity, ingenuity and near perfection enclosed in each envelope.
A couple of years ago I mentioned that I "swear less" while sewing her patterns. That's not to say I never swear (have you ever dropped a pin in the carpet, only to find it with your foot?), but her patterns have definitely made me less of a potty mouth.
Pattern: Oliver and S Croquet Dress. By way of a "heads up" I felt that the fabric requirements were very generous. The size 6 called for 2 yards of fabric and I used just over 1 yard. I've never really followed the suggesting cutting layout on any pattern. I usually look at it and then do my own thing. I live dangerously like that. Fabric: Riley Blake Fabric, "Song Bird" by Carina Gardner and orange accent drawstring waist is Henry Glass Fabric, Barbara Jones of Quilt Soup "Pajama Party"

Oliver and S After School Shirt

*I need to preface this by saying she dressed herself for this picture*
Sewing has really been on the back burner lately. I started this top in August. Yup, August. And it was such an easy top to sew, that it really shouldn't have taken me so long. I'll blame it on the Halloween costume fiasco.
Pattern: Oliver and S After School Shirt and Pants. Love the pattern. I made a size 5, and added 2" in length. I should have made the 4, but I'm happy with the length.
I haven't made the pants yet, but will have to soon. Miss A told me (as she was dressing this morning) that she didn't have any gray bottoms. You see, a coordinated outfit (in a 4 year old mind) means all the elements are the same color....The things I'm learning.
Fabric: Liberty of London, "Thorpe" in sage.

Rapunzel, let down your hair.

Someone was very pleased with their Halloween costume.
And it's about stinkin' time!
This costume was, well, much more involved than I had anticipated. It was the dress that I worked on, cried over, ran to the store for even more supplies and never seemed to get any closer to being complete.
The pattern was okay. The fabric could have been worse. But man, I put so many hours in at the machine on this one. At one point, late one night (or early one morning) I found myself weeping into a wad of violet satin and wondering just what I had gotten myself into. Not quite in the fetal position, but almost. Nothing is worse than feeling like you're not making progress.
So, yes, it's over. It did get finished. And I feel like a new woman.
Someone call me around September of 2012 and warn me to not make another costume, EVER.
The construction details can be found here.
*She loves it though. When people said, "Wow, you look pretty," she would say, "I know." If only we were all that confident!

My Newest Quilt

Super fast, no pattern, thrown together and I love it. Perfect for cuddling on the couch. Enough said.
Fabric: Riley Blake "Sugar and Spice" layer cakes. I still have extra squares and yardage in the pink and green colorway.
Quilting done by: Just Sew in Highland, UT
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