Oliver and S Croquet Dress

It's been awhile since I've blogged. But this dress pattern is so great, I feel I owe it to Liesl at Oliver and S to talk about how fantastic it is. I'm not surprised, all of her patterns are wonderful. Each time I sew something of her's I'm impressed with the creativity, ingenuity and near perfection enclosed in each envelope.
A couple of years ago I mentioned that I "swear less" while sewing her patterns. That's not to say I never swear (have you ever dropped a pin in the carpet, only to find it with your foot?), but her patterns have definitely made me less of a potty mouth.
Pattern: Oliver and S Croquet Dress. By way of a "heads up" I felt that the fabric requirements were very generous. The size 6 called for 2 yards of fabric and I used just over 1 yard. I've never really followed the suggesting cutting layout on any pattern. I usually look at it and then do my own thing. I live dangerously like that. Fabric: Riley Blake Fabric, "Song Bird" by Carina Gardner and orange accent drawstring waist is Henry Glass Fabric, Barbara Jones of Quilt Soup "Pajama Party"

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