Oliver and S After School Shirt

*I need to preface this by saying she dressed herself for this picture*
Sewing has really been on the back burner lately. I started this top in August. Yup, August. And it was such an easy top to sew, that it really shouldn't have taken me so long. I'll blame it on the Halloween costume fiasco.
Pattern: Oliver and S After School Shirt and Pants. Love the pattern. I made a size 5, and added 2" in length. I should have made the 4, but I'm happy with the length.
I haven't made the pants yet, but will have to soon. Miss A told me (as she was dressing this morning) that she didn't have any gray bottoms. You see, a coordinated outfit (in a 4 year old mind) means all the elements are the same color....The things I'm learning.
Fabric: Liberty of London, "Thorpe" in sage.


Alisha said...

She looks so grown up in this picture! I love seeing your projects, they always amaze me.

MomMitchell said...

she is so cute and growing up!! Once again, I have to say just how very talented you are!!