Two years is all it takes

Let me preface this by saying, I'm not much of a quilter.
Two years is how long it takes for me to make a twin sized quilt. Unless, of course, you know about the "I Spy" quilt I started once for S, then it takes significantly longer. Yah, I don't think my almost 12 year old son will be enthused with a, "can you find a kitty cat, candy cane and choo-choo train?" type quilt anymore. Sigh. Pathetic me.
I started this quilt in the summer of 2009. We had just sold our house, moved into a rental house (and back out of it 30 days later) and then into an apartment (for 3 months) while waiting to find the home we are now in. I really love this fabric because it is so bright and cheerful in contrast to our living situation at the time. And I love it because it reminds me of a dear (and patient) friend who took me to a great little quilt store where I bought this fabric. But mostly I love it because it is finished. Out of the "half finished, what was I thinking when I started this" bin and onto Miss A's bed.
Miss A, however, was not so thrilled to find it on her bed tonight. She much prefers the hand me down, frayed at the binding, cowboy quilt that she's been using since getting a big girl bed. I must admit, it is really soft, but hopefully she'll feel differently by morning.
Pattern: Yellow Brick Road
Fabric: Barbara Jones "Bubble Gum Basics" (I really loved this line, remember this dress?) and white Kona cotton for the backing. I'm not loving the feel of the Kona cotton though, which is too bad considering it comes in such great colors.


Gentry said...

Hollie, it turned out adorable! And as far as being the patient one.....well I think that was you, I just have way too much fun in those fabric stores! Let's plan another trip to the quilt store soon! Miss you!!

Claireabell said...

This is really beautiful! The colours are amazing too, that yellow is so fresh. Well done.

Megan said...

I love that quilt. You really are so talented. I always wish I could do even half of the stuff you can do. Miss A will LOVE that quilt her whole life.

Chris and Michelle said...

It's darling Hollie! I love the bright colors. Little A is one lucky girl to have such a cute, fun and cheerful bedspread for her room! :)