Some Summertime Sewing (and Blogging!)

We're having a great summer around here. We've done some much needed straightening and organizing of the house. We've swam, stayed up much too late, slept in even later, picnicked and roasted marshmallows in the canyon, visited cousins and played with friends until the mosquitoes drive us inside. S now has his own room. G is sporting braces on his teeth (and has since become a meticulous brusher). Miss A has managed to continually wear a bruise on her forehead and a smile on her face. Somehow I've managed to squeeze in some sewing.
An Oliver + S bubble dress in size 4, with 2 inches in length added. Made with the ever popular Heather Ross double gauze.
A drawstring bag made from Little Things to Sew. Made with left over Riley Blake scraps. Not a single trip to the store for this project, which makes me feel so thrifty- until I remember how little fabric this bag takes. I'd better have the yardage for one of these, the truth is I could probably make a million more and still have fabric in my stash. Sigh, I've become a fabric hoarder......

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