Make it Pink! No, Make it Blue!

My visions of what I'd like to create are often grander than my capabilities. This picture reminds my of that. Sometimes I just need to sew something wonky and scorched by an iron so that I can truly appreciate the times I don't.
Pattern: Simplicity 5705
Fabric: Blue is satin and the pink is taffeta.


Chris and Michelle said...

Those are darling! Emmie has no idea what she's missing in having such an untalented mom like myself...A on the other hand is one lucky girl!

Megan said...

Your blog makes it very clear to me why you were Grandma H's favorite. Also, before we came to earth, I think I was busy goofing off when they were handing out talents and you picked up mine as well.

Gentry said...

Love these Hollie!! I wish we lived closer, it would be good for Mallie to see "real" homemade doll clothes! They are the best kind!