PBK doll store is killing me with cuteness

I mean really, I could play dolls all day.
After seeing these adorable outfits on Miss A's doll, I was again inspired to attempt doll clothes. Miss A's doll came with some sort of tween pop star outfit that I wasn't entirely happy with. I found myself wishing I had waited and bought the PBK Gotz doll instead of it's highly discounted twin with a weird get up, JUST FOR THE CLOTHES! Strange, I know. But then I had an "I can totally make that" moment. It's a bit of an illness really. When I have those moments, I forget that though I CAN make it, I may not have the time to. The only thing that seems to break me free from those moments is walking into my sewing room and visually seeing exactly how many things I thought I could make.
I searched for a jeans pattern for some time, but could only find ridiculous looking bell bottoms or pants that looked nothing like jeans that a real girl would wear. Finally, I found these cute jeans patterns (with even cuter pictures) but was leery because I haven't had great experiences with digital downloads. I gave it a try because it was $4, and really how much printing and taping could there be for a 18 inch doll? This is what I got:
Rear View on AG
 Front View on AG
 Rear View on Gotz
 Front View on Gotz
The pattern was easy and had cute details like a fake fly and working pockets. I was nervous when I saw the hand drawn pattern pieces, but it all worked out and the jeans are pretty cute. I used the lightest weight denim I could find, and that was very helpful during construction.
Now, on to what bothered me about the pattern. The back pockets are spaced too far apart. It's just not flattering, even for a doll. Next time I make them, I'll put them closer to the center back seam. The pattern suggests using this to distress the jeans. I couldn't find it anywhere and it appears that it's no longer available. Bummer. That's what made the jeans cute. And finally, the pattern has an entire page devoted to their copyright and user agreement. Which, I'm fine with. I'm not going to copy the pattern for my friends or sale the jeans I make. I believe in being honest and giving total rights to the creator. No problem. I was only minorly irked to see that on the polo shirt pattern, it is suggested that you use the emblem from a ready to wear shirt for you doll shirt. They don't want anyone to misuse their product and original design, but encourage others to use a trademarked embroidery or label in their creations. Seems strange to me. But no big deal.
Anyway, now to make a cute button up top (I'm thinking I'll use scraps of Liberty) and find (not knit, I don't knit-yet) a cardigan and cute sneakers. Wait, who's doll is this anyway?


Gentry said...

Love the skinny jeans Hollie! Makes me feel better that the pockets aren't flattering on a skinny doll either and not just me. HAHA.

paige said...

DANG YOU HOLLIE!!! Off to PBK to order:). Emma is getting one of these www.bamboletta.com for Christmas, so I think the soft doll clothes will fit. I hope:) CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! Thanks for sharing. Oh, and great job on the jeans!