Yup, there's more

Same dress pattern, but I used the long and short sleeve together to create a faux layered look.
*The resident photographer is at work right now, so not a great picture. You'll have to trust me on how cute this dress is. It looks MUCH better in person.
I used a double needle on all the hems and at the neckline (I used my edgestitch foot to follow the neck binding seam, one needle on the yoke and one on the binding). I serged the raw edges before using the double needle.


Katie said...

I may have to borrow your idea! I love the contrasting thread. I'm curious - are you using a serger or a double needle?

Hollie said...

Hi Katie,
For the hem I serged the raw edge and then used a double needle
on the right side.

Chris and Michelle said...

Darling! You really make me want to learn how to sew, Hollie.
Oh wait - I've already tried and failed miserably. The (much)better idea is just to purchase your adorable creations from you when you start selling on Etsy ;).
I hope preschool is going okay! We miss you guys.

Emmy said...

So....I have two little girls that would look darling in dresses like this....just saying! ;)
Very cute!

Katie said...

thanks Hollie - I want to try a double needle for this. Your pics are great and make me want get this pattern.

Marcie said...

Very cute hollie! I like the gray on too, love it with the cute striped tights