Veruca gets some new accesories

It seems that the diva tantrums have subsided, at least temporarily. My last post was not to complain, put down, or label my daughter. I really am trying to handle this new phase with humor. To be truthful, after watching a few bratty grown women on Say Yes to the Dress, I've been a little concerned about how she'll turn out.  Comparing a real person to an over edited, highly scripted, reality TV character isn't completely fair, I'm aware. Still, I wish nothing more than for my daughter to be well grounded, smart, fun, kind and have more substance than just the cost of her wardrobe (or wedding gown). Really, she's a sweet kid and in fairness, we all have our moments. And she's three. So before anyone goes calling DCFS for me comparing my child to a horrible literary character you should know that I love Miss A dearly.
In other fun, I made her some new hair accessories (they were planned before the week of whining and tantrums). I think they would also be cute as an accent on a dress. They were super simple to make too. And cheap. A winning combination in my mind.
I'm glad this new book came out. It could be the solution to my "how to create stuff without overflowing closets/storage space" problem. I'm so glad someone else thought of it.


Megan said...

Hmm... looks like you're finally making cute things with a one-size-fits-all approach (hint, hint).

lisa said...

Love the hair stuff-in fact, I'm a little obsessed with it. Good thing my girls can attempt to SHARE their stuff! Now that Allie is getting a little bigger I am going to attempt some of your patterns for her. I may call you for inspiration!