I'm excited to have accomplished something besides breaking up sibling spats this week. School starts in a few weeks and we've hit the point in the summer where everything but teasing your brother is boring. Someone tell me I'll miss this someday, I dare you ;)
The dress is one of my favorites, and she looks so sweet in it (even if she is hiding her brother's favorite Lego pieces).
Getting a picture of her these days is impossible. What 3 year old wants to pose when there are bubbles to blow, bikes to ride and brothers to make scream? So please excuse the strange pose and washed out colors.
Pattern: Oliver + S Birthday Party Dress. I added 2 inches in length, and it hits at her knees perfectly. I also left the pleats loose to make it more "flowy." I know that's not a word, but I was looking for a soft look and even thought about gathering the front panel instead of pleating it. I chickened out at the last minute so I have some softish pleats. Someday I will get daring, just not with my nice fabric.
Fabric: Liberty Lawn (Lauren in aqua/pink) and Pimatex dot for the front tab.

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Chris and Michelle said...

SOOO darling - what a cute fabric! I just love your little Miss A.
I will just apologize now for the wild and crazy boys (aka my little guy) that will be terrorizing your immaculate home tomorrow for playgroup... I hope he behaves! YIKES! :)

....& I hear you on the sibling spats! Endless!