While the boys were gone

playing in the dirt, rocks, and sage brush.......
Miss A and I acquired a new friend*, went shopping at Joann's for 5 for $5 patterns, and began making a dolly wardrobe. So far the mermaid get up is a favorite.
*I am told the Gotz dolls are more play friendly than the AG ones (Gotz are rated ages 3+ and AG 8+). We've had a few knock off 18" dolls, but they never lasted long. We own two 18" AG dolls, but I am reluctant to let my 3 year old really play with them for fear they will look like this. I was assured by the fantastic sales lady at Georgell Doll Shop that I would not be disappointed with a Gotz doll. We got a great deal on the doll so if she accidentally goes swimming (while dressed as a mermaid) it will be okay. She is machine washable too. Her body is trimmer than our AG dolls and she is slightly narrower though the shoulders, but so far the clothes fit both types. Her hair is fabulous, doesn't tangle easily and doesn't fall out when brushed. Her bangs are a little thick for my taste. She sort of looks like my 7th grade class picture, only I wasn't wearing a shell top.

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Amateur Steph said...

My girls would be fabulously in love with that doll costume. I love your observation that the doll looks like your school picture, minus the shells. :)