A magic wand would have been quicker, but my sewing machine will have to do

I know it's really popular (at least in the blogging world) to be a Disney hater, but I'm not- not really. Sure, I roll my eyes or change the words to Miss A's favorite Princess story books but, I'm not a hater.

Pattern: Simplicity 5705. The neck seems wide, but it might just be the doll. I should try it on an AG and see if it has the same issue. Or maybe I goofed while sewing it which is quite possible with all the night time sewing I'm doing. I've made this dress once before (for my niece) and don't remember it being so wide.

Also, because of Miss A's hatred of all things itchy, I didn't use tulle for the petticoat. I made it from white cotton and sewed horsehair braid to the hem to make it poof.

I made glass slippers from the pattern in this book and they're pretty cute, actually the whole book is pretty cute.

Fabric: Scraps from Miss A's dress up. Also, I told Miss A we were going to give the doll an updo for the photo and she said, "No, a down -do is good. Then she can go like this (wildly swinging her head back and forth)." So, a down -do it is.


MomMitchell said...

You are amazing what you can sew!! I sure wish you lived closer and could be MY seamstress. Hope all is going good for your family. Seems forever since we saw you guys.

Chris and Michelle said...

Okay we are total Disney nerds over at my house & I am in LOVE with this Cinderella dress!.. & glass slippers, too?! Are you kidding? DARLING! Didn't know it was possible to hand make such a thing! I've said it before, but I really think you need to start selling your stuff Hollie! You always amaze me & I would be a frequent customer- that is for sure!