Crazy Doll Lady

I'm scared to sew knit fabric. Why I thought a small, doll leotard would be a good place to start, I'll never know. But the doll likes it, see? She's smiling. So I'll call it a success.
It sort of looks like the doll is wearing Spanx- but it just how the tights are knit. But that would really make me a "crazy doll lady" if they were control top, right? Hee hee.
Pattern: Simplicity 4364
Fabric: Pink stretchy stuff (I should learn to pay attention of bolt ends) and pink "scratchy" stuff (as Miss A calls tulle).


Marcie said...

That is realy Cute. She is going to be the best dressed doll on the block! I hope Miss A is enjoying her.

Chris and Michelle said...

You are too cute. I love that even the dolls in your house are dressed to perfection! Little A is one lucky lady!