No Amount of Seersucker Could Keep the Snow Away

I made these shorts for G in anticipation of warm weather *Notice the snow in the background*I love the pattern, very cute looking shorts and only a couple hours of sewing. G would not model them, it was too breezy.
Next time I'll use a heavier fabric. This is the look I was attempting. Mine look a little too much like boxer shorts I think. But they were a "test run" since I don't make many things for my boys, so I'm not too disappointed. I plan on a few more before the summer is over, if it ever comes. Maybe I'll omit the button and make a faux tie.

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Chris and Michelle said...

I love those, Hollie! Very cute! And I'm with you - will summer EVER come? I'm beginning to lose hope going on the fact that we've only seen about two days of spring and it's almost May...It's like we've been reliving December around here! Once that sun finally sticks around though your boys will be looking mighty spiffy in their new shorts! :)