A Little Liberty in my Life

 I love this blouse. I hope that Miss A will be able to wear it for a very long time. She has declared it "fancy" enough for her, but I think she probably just loves the feel of the fabric.

Pattern: Oliver + S Music Class blouse. There is no other pattern company I would trust enough to cut into this fabric. This pattern is definitely Liberty worthy. I'm not in love with the buttons, I can never find buttons I love when I need them.

Fabric: Liberty of London "Tatum." I bought it from Purl Soho. Normally, I wouldn't spend this much on fabric but every once in awhile it's fun to splurge. But now that I've experienced sewing with Liberty, I totally understand why some are obsessed with it.


Chris and Michelle said...

That blouse is soooo darling! I can't believe you made it... I mean - I totally can believe YOU made it but WOW! You really put all the kids clothing stores I love to shame. Poor Emmie runs around like a ragamuffin 24/7 & then there is your adorable Addy decked out in your beautiful hand made creations. I'm not trying to flatter you when I say you amaze me - you just DO!

Hollie said...

Michelle, Emmie is hardly a ragamuffin. I've never once seen her dressed in anything that wouldn't qualify her for an ad. And the word ragamuffin makes me giggle, I always thought it was a word my mom made up. Now that I know it's a real word I must find a way to work it into my everyday vocabulary.
And just so you know, Miss A insisted on wearing pink and white checked VANS in this picture (with red socks). She is hardly the picture of perfection. We won't even discuss what I was wearing but I will say it was much too late in the day to still be wearing them! But thanks for your sweet comments just the same.