The Princesses' Prize

 I'm not above bribing my kids to do things. This dress was a bribe and completely designed by Miss A. But it worked like a charm and she is now well on her way to potty time independance. As for the designer's input, I love when 3 year olds say things like, "Yellow, twirly and a white shape in front." It took me days to figure out what she meant by "white shape." She finally pointed to a picture of Dora the Explorer as a princess and said, "like that." I was so relieved to know what she meant that it didn't much bother me that she wanted a dress like Dora's. Still, it's all a little to close to the dresses I wore at her age. It's a lot too early 1970's for me. I'm not in love with it. There was a lot of groaning during the construction process. But she wears it so much, it will be worn out before summer is here. Maybe then she'll let me make her a Jane Austen inspired Regency gown, but probably not.
Pattern: Simplicity 2571 in a size 3. I used the clown hat (ironically) to make a Rapunzel style hat too.
Fabric: Completely from my stash.

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