My boys have birthdays too,

I just never make anything handmade for their parties to blog about. Sad but true.

This dress has been in the works for a long time. I think I bought the fabric and pattern the week that I saw it here. I'm not much of a smocker. I took a couple of classes before having kids and had grand delusions of smocking all sorts of clothing for my off spring. The fact is, smocking is time consuming. I've only made a couple of smocked things for my kids, but hopefully that makes those outfits all the more special. I'm glad that I was able to finish it the day of her party. And I'm glad that Brent wasn't too upset that I began sewing the buttons on it right about the time that we needed to be leaving for church.

 Just please don't look too closely. The hem is only basted in this picture. I didn't do too hot of a job measuring for the insert, so the bodice seams at the side are slightly off. Also, as is customary before any event involving photography, Miss A has a huge bruise on her forehead. But as you can plainly see, she doesn't care. The dress twirls!

The cake and cupcakes were originally going to be decorated like this. After some whispered cursing and some justification about how "if I had a crew like Martha's" I came up with plan B, and no one really cared.
The favor tags are from Dimpleprints. I love them. They may very well be the only part of her party that turned out exactly how I envisioned.


Marcie said...

Every thing was so cute. My boys favorite thing was the suckers and the Zuzu pets of coarse. She looked so darling, the dress was amazing!

Chris and Michelle said...

Okay seriously I'm sorry for all the comments but I can't help myself. You are so stinkin' cute, Hollie! First that DARLING dress (which comes as no surprise) but then the cutest cake AND cupcakes ever and favors and decor that ALL match the dress! Wow! So so cute!
If your cute little A is going to be like you when she grows up I REALLY hope MY 3 year old marries her! :) I have a lot to learn from girls like you!!! :)