Jacket for Miss A

 I just finished this jacket today for Miss A. Here's a couple of things I'd like to say about it:
1. I love my walking foot. I just bought one, and am wondering why it took me so long to get one. It really is my new favorite tool.
2. I still love Oliver + S patterns. I've attempted jacket making in the past, and this one was an absolute pleasure to make.
3. I'm still working on the quilted, removable lining. I'd better hurry, the snow started to fly while taking this picture!
4. Miss A is growing like a weed. Clothes that fit her a couple of months ago, when I last cleaned out her closet, are now inches too short. I made this jacket too big thinking that I'd like her to wear it for longer than a month or two....here's to hoping!
5. The fabric is corduroy from Joann and the lining is Micheal Miller's "Birds of Norway." Brent didn't think there was anything Norwegian about it. I think it makes a cute, bright lining; kind of Partridge Family-like.
6. I originally bought a brown and red plaid twill for this jacket. Once I got it home I decided I didn't want to match the plaid design at every seam. And I thought it might make her look like Elmer Fudd.


Parkinson Party of 7 said...

I love the jacket!!! You are incredible. Oh how I wish you were close enough to teach me!

lisa said...

I want one to match! What a cute jacket--and a quilted lining?? You are awesome! How's the halloween stuff going? Wal-Mart helped me out with mine this year.

MomMitchell said...

You are one amazing lady to sew a jacket like that~~~so cute. How is the new house, S & G liking school? I hope to see you @ Megan's shower on Oct. 30th

chic choc charme said...

I really like your jacket ! what a beautifull blog ....