The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

I really need to read that book again. I thought it was so great as a kid, but can't recollect a thing about it now. Or maybe I should just let it be a fond piece off my past, and not let my all-too-critical adult mind mess up a great childhood memory.
Speaking of pageants, check out these nativity costumes.

Okay, the picture is really bad. So let me explain: There are three turbans for the wise men, a halo for the angel and a headband with blue silk for Mary. I'm afraid that Joseph and the shepard's head pieces weren't exciting enough to make the picture. But I'm sure you can visualize the various colored scarves and headbands.


Amateur Steph said...

Those are cool turbans. Hope Miss A is feeling better!

Megan said...

I don't see my Joseph costume in this picture :)