Houndstooth Love

This will be Miss A's Christmas dress. I've been planning it since last Christmas. It's a simple A line jumper. I planned a red long sleeve shirt and red tights, or maybe pink. It usually takes me awhile to find a pattern and suitable fabric. But I have to mention (not that I'm so cutting edge cool) that I'm disappointed that every children's store on Earth seems to have a houndstooth Christmas line this year. Look here and here. And it just wouldn't be my blog unless there was some shoe love like these and these. The good news is that this jumper looks ginormous and could fit her next Christmas, in which case I'll look like I'm a little behind the current trends, and I'm okay with that. I wish I would have used a brown and cream houndstooth like this, or a brown and green like this, just to be a bit different. But then I wouldn't have tempted to buy the cute shoes.
Pattern: Butterick 4842
Fabric: Black/White featherwale corduroy from Farmhouse Fabrics. I used black velvet ribbon as a trim.
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Marcie said...

When I first read the title, I thought maybe you guys got a puppy! Very cute, she will look stunning in it. And let's be honest, even if it fits next year you will have some new design in mind to make her. Beside's what it her little sister needs to wear it?:) j/k

Megan said...
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Megan said...

Where did you come from? Are you sure we're related? That's Miss A's Christmas dress and you've been planning it for some time.... That's not the family way. You still have a month and a half before you're supposed to start thinking about that!