Sweet Pajamas

I love these pajamas. They were really simple to sew. I got the fabric here again. I made them a size bigger than I normally do with this brand of pattern, I wanted them to be worn for awhile. And, um, I didn't know when I would actually get around to sewing, them so I made them big just in case. Fortunately, they were simple enough that they got finished quickly. I'm not kidding when I say they were easy. If you've sewn a thing or too, but never really used a pattern before, this is the one to use.

I needed a break from Halloween sewing, S's pleather jacket has me stumped. On the up side, G said Miss A could be a cupcake Jedi if I didn't get her costume finished. A cupcake Jedi? Bless his heart for being so positive about my inability to focus on Halloween costumes.


Megan said...

Do they make that pattern in big girl sizes? I promise to sew it myself... if it really is that easy. :)
p.s. That's the sweetest picture of Addi. Can I keep her?

Gentry said...

I don't think you remember the Pajama pants I tried to make that one time at your house! I keep them as a reminder of what NOT to do ever again!

Marcie said...

Cupcake Jedi? Sounds kind of cute. Love the jammies!