Tea Party Sundress

Yes, more dresses to justify shoe purchases. I admit I have a problem. Well, several in fact.

This is an Oliver + S Tea Party Sundress . I love it. It was simple to sew. It has some great details like a hem facing on the dress and bias casings on the bloomers that give avid sewers like me something to be excited about. It's exciting to find great patterns. I swear a lot less while sewing since finding these patterns.

The fabric is "Fresh Squeezed" by Sandy Gervais for Moda. I love the bright citrus colors. It makes me happy to look at it. I used a diagonal stripe from the line for the lining and bloomers. It caused some grief while trying to match the stripes in the seams, but I gave up and feel ok about it. They're bloomers for heavens sake!

I'm working on a matching dress for dolly again, but my pattern making skills are seriously lacking. The fact that the dolls legs are in a permenant sitting position doesn't help any (how will I make pants for her?). I hope to have the dolly dress done before the weather gets cold, or Miss A outgrows the dress. Whichever comes first.


Amateur Steph said...

That is so cute! I laughed when you said you swear a lot less with patterns like this. Sewing always makes me swear (emphatically and quietly), but I definitely don't have your skill.

Liesl Gibson said...

Ok, that is officially the greatest endorsement quote I've seen since we released the patterns! Can we use that for all our promotional materials: "Oliver + S patterns: swear less while sewing" The dress looks great, and I'm glad you like the patterns. Cheers!

Marcie said...

Hollie she looked so cute in this dress on sunday. Our little Citrus Queen! Now about the swearing I think we Hansen's just swear to much period, not just while sewing.

Megan said...

Could I trouble you to make one of these in my size? It is, after all, my favorite outfit you've made. :)