4th of July

Miss A is sporting new shorts which I made the night before. Aha, maybe that's why I always have crappy holidays! I seem to get hair brained, least minute project ideas to completely push me over the edge. It happened while I was ironing the kids clothes. I thought, "I wonder why Gymboree only sold long pants with this line? I should make shorts. I'll do it now and forget my need for sleep. Everyone is in bed, I have time. It's only 10 pm." And sure enough by midnight the shorts are done and I'm already wondering why sewing is so much more important to me than the sleep I so desperately need.

Her shorts are the Oliver + S puppet show shorts. Easy to make and fun to sew. I love the "girly" cargo pockets. And I love that the fabric had been in my stash for quite some time, it makes me feel so thrifty. I don't even remember what I bought it for originally. But it's just some inexpensive red gingham. It turned out very cute I think. I love that the shorts look bloomerish, but not baggy. Well worth (in hind sight) the lack of sleep.


Gentry said...

Oh Hollie, I love your blog! You just crack me up! Can't wait for John Mayer Monday! YEAH!

Marcie said...
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