Little LadyBug

It is so hard to get a picture of this little stinker. I'm a poor photographer to begin with, add a runaway toddler and you've got a mess. I hate to think what my pictures would have looked like in the "olden days" before digital cameras. We probably wouldn't have any pictures of anyone actually looking at the camera. Well, at least you get the idea. Just don't compare my photos to the dozens of bloggers who own really great cameras and have super photography skills.

I made these super easy pants for Miss A recently. They were so easy I made them during her nap time, start to finish. It's really a good feeling to complete a project, especially when I feel so overwhelmed by the amount of half finished products in my craft room.The prints are a little wild, but they look so darn cute together I couldn't resist. I made a top to match it, but she can remove it too easily. It's just not worth the effort it takes to chase her down and try to put it back on her 12 times a day. So we'll stick with a not so easy to remove shirt for now.

Fabric: Joann (lime green with ladybugs and red with white polka dot)

Pattern: Britches and Bloomers by Jackie Clark designs (purchased at Farmhouse Fabrics). I shortened the leg length to make them capris and added 1/4" to the ruffle at the bottom to make it easier to hem. I have great difficulty with narrow hems (it's my chubby fingers) and adding to the ruffle length made it much easier to press and sew.

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Marcie said...

Ummm yeah you make it sound so easy! Remember you got Grandma Hansen's sewing skills, which I did not! They turned out really cute, and it does'nt hurt that they are on the most beautiful little girl.