I Sew Stuff

Yes, I sew stuff. Mostly, I sew stuff for me and my family. I don't really like sewing for other people. Not because I don't enjoy the praise, it's just that I really like the "whole" creative experience. I love fabric stores, sketching out ideas, and even being awakened in the early morning with an idea I just have to sew.
I'm not so good at making other people's creative vision a reality. If you want me to sew something for you I will probably say "Yes" but I will wish I had said "No". It's not that I don't like you, It's just that once I say yes, I feel all this extra pressure. Thoughts run through my head like, "Crap, I gotta get that done", "I hate hemming pants, I don't even hem my own", "Oh, this isn't good enough for someone else"or "Next time I'm charging $100 an hour because this is taking a lot longer than I thought."

So here is what I will do instead:

How about I post pictures, ideas and patterns on this blog and you can do it yourself?
Your creativity via inspiration from me. You can take the credit, I don't mind.

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