Giving Credit where Credit is Due

I get really excited about the design process and love finding and putting together great fabrics (which is one explanation for my growing fabric and pattern stash). But then reality hits when the true source of my inspiration comes in the mail and reminds me I'm not a designer, but a design copier. This combo (wool, pattern and lining) was to be Miss A's winter coat. Maybe now I should change it up a bit? Make it less Boden-ish and make me feel like less of a rip off artist?
Rather than beat myself up for lack of original thought, I'm happy there are so many sources of inspiration. I should thank the growing number of catalogs in my mailbox for bringing these ideas forward from my subconscious. Now, if there were a way for all this inspiration to become reality.....

I should be embarassed by the amount of clothing in her closet.....

Apparently, there is no such thing as too many skirts. Especially if those skirts are super twirly and pink. This is Miss A's new favorite thing to wear, and by favorite I mean if it's not in the wash it's on her body.
Fabrics: Riley Blake, Summer Song
Pattern: The Girly Stripwork Skirt by Pink Fig.

Help Me Make a Decision

I'm making a dress for Miss A. Not that the girl needs another dress, but I have just enough fabric to make her one, so I'm justified. I just can't decide which trim to use. You know me, always blogging about the important stuff; doll clothes and dress trims. Yes, I'm shallow. So with the help of these really bad pictures, you can help me decide.
Option #1: A casual look, hot pink with small white dot button tab at the center front. I haven't found a button I like yet, maybe a standard white?

 Option #2: A little more formal, hot pink satin ribbon tied in a bow at the center front.