The thing about dresses and the over use of parentheses

Don't mind the popsicle stains (yes, she is holding her 3rd popsicle of the day), wrinkles or any remainder of her lunch that may be on her new dress. It was put to the test today at the playground. Miss A is happy to report that her new duds held up well on the slide, twirled just enough when pretending to be a princess and even served as a tissue to blow her nose when the spring allergies kicked in. Oh, the versatility of a good dress!
Pattern: Oliver + S Jump Rope Dress, my favorite pattern to date! And that's saying something because I love them all!
Fabric: Moda's Hunky Dory , it's a busy print (I bought it two weeks ago during a blizzard- I always by "happy" fabric when the weather is bad), but I really like it. This fabric was originally going to be my test run before cutting into either of the more expensive fabrics I purchased with this dress in mind. But after all the compliments we got at the park today (and watching how hard she played), I think I'll save the shirting and Liberty for another outfit. I think this style would be especially cute in a solid shirting with a "preppy stripe" ribbon for the tie.

Where to buy quiet books

Yes. I've hit the wall. All inspiration and motivation is now gone. Why am I like that with projects that start out being so fun?
Anyway, here's where you can buy a super cute quiet book. We own several of the "paper dolls" and they are so fun. The quiet books are just as cute, and I'm telling you, they are a bargain compared to what you could spend making one.

I know I said never again.....

yet here I am. Making another quiet book. I'm still optimistic. Only 8 more page "blocks" and some assembly left! Wish me luck.
*Added later* This is the pattern I am using. It's pretty good so far. The block designs are really cute, just super labor intensive. I don't plan on ever making another one ever again, which I have said before. It would be the perfect "block of the month" type project. I have plenty of fabric in my scrap bin, so it hasn't been too costly to put together (yet), but if you were buying all the fabrics and supplies without having any of them on hand it could easily cost a ton.
My only complaint (which is user error): I didn't understand how to center the block on the page (the instructions say to draw lines in 3 places and sew it on, which was great until I inserted the interfacing) and completely messed up the one pictured. I could fix it, but I'd have to figure out how to un-fuse Peltex and use a seam ripper. Not worth it. My kids won't even notice....