Spring, Spring, Spring!

Maybe if I keep chanting it will come?!? I can always hope. But if not, at least I can make some spring time basics for Miss A's wardrobe.
Pattern: Oliver + S Sailboat pants
Fabric: White, bottom weight from Joann's. Also, a khaki cotton twill from my stash (not quite finished, but almost).
Now, come on Spring! We need to get these pants dirty with sidewalk chalk, bubbles and sand from the playground!

The Princesses' Prize

 I'm not above bribing my kids to do things. This dress was a bribe and completely designed by Miss A. But it worked like a charm and she is now well on her way to potty time independance. As for the designer's input, I love when 3 year olds say things like, "Yellow, twirly and a white shape in front." It took me days to figure out what she meant by "white shape." She finally pointed to a picture of Dora the Explorer as a princess and said, "like that." I was so relieved to know what she meant that it didn't much bother me that she wanted a dress like Dora's. Still, it's all a little to close to the dresses I wore at her age. It's a lot too early 1970's for me. I'm not in love with it. There was a lot of groaning during the construction process. But she wears it so much, it will be worn out before summer is here. Maybe then she'll let me make her a Jane Austen inspired Regency gown, but probably not.
Pattern: Simplicity 2571 in a size 3. I used the clown hat (ironically) to make a Rapunzel style hat too.
Fabric: Completely from my stash.