This is a repeat of the outfit I made for Miss A last fall. Before any of you call "tacky" keep in mind that we live miles away from where we used to, the colorway is different, and no one around here has seen the originals. Besides, it was one of my favorite outfits of all time, and when you find a good thing, stick with it.
It is not however my most well sewn garment of all time. Lots of user error this time around. I was SUI, sewing under the influence of children. Which is okay, that's my job. Just after a million interruptions I forgot where I left off, what I was doing, and skipped some important steps. The houndstooth was really difficult to match at the seams. The print was printed slightly off grain. I really struggled with it, and then gave up. But it looks okay all things considered. And the jacket bottom edges really do match up. The picture makes it look like they don't, but they really do. She's just really wiggley.
Pattern: Oliver + S Sunday Brunch skirt and jacket. I added 2 1/2 inches in length to both the skirt and the jacket.
Fabric: Fine wale corduroy from Farmhouse Fabrics.

I say no so often

Sometimes I say yes to try to redeem myself. I said yes to this flannel mermaid fabric for Miss A's winter pajamas. It's loud and bright, but a better choice than the John Deere tractor fabric she originally wanted. I think they turned out cute, and she loves them so much she won't take them off. With all the sickness at our house lately she's a little bit confused about proper daytime attire. But if I have to look at them at lunch time, at least they don't have tractors on them.
Pattern: Oliver and S Bedtime Story Pajamas. I made a size 3, which was a little sad for me since the first time I made these pajamas I made a 6-12 month size. She is growing. Sniff, sniff. I used ribbon for the ties this time which really helps speed up the process of making them.
Fabric: Michael Miller Sea Beauties flannel, with green dot flannel trim. I was going to make matching pajamas for her baby, but may make these instead.
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