Black and White

This dress has been in my "to be sewn" bin for some time now. It was cut out last winter, and once the bodice was made, it was obvious that the pattern sizing was WAY off. According to the pattern it is to fit a child 21-24 pounds and 31-34 inches tall. Miss A should have fit into it perfectly last winter given the measurements, but pattern sizing being what it is, it fits her now with plenty of extra width.
The pattern was pretty straight forward, and I didn't have any difficulty with the sewing. I made a few alterations. The dress is something of a mesh between view A and B. I fully lined the entire dress, not just the bodice. On the skirt lining I added a tulle ruffle to give the appearance of a petticoat peeking from beneath. I liked the front bow off center rather than centered in front.
The gets a lot of compliments and looks really nice especially since the fabric was very inexpensive. She loves the dresses twirl factor, but isn't a fan of the tulle touching her legs. Even though I bought super soft tulle, she says it's too itchy. Once the weather gets cooler, wearing tights should straighten out that problem. I also think I'll add a real petticoat and a shrug (styled after this one) for winter.
Pattern : New Look 6662
Fabric: Cranston Print Works Polka dot from Walmart.


So, I've decided to make some changes with my blog. Originally, when I began blogging, my blog was to be a journal of my sewing projects and somehow it became a family blog. Not that I wouldn't love to continue to have a blog about our family happenings, I just just don't believe I want our experiences and information to be available to everyone, everywhere. So, it's back to the sewing-only blog I go. And maybe someday soon I'll start a private family blog. Until then, feel free to leave me comments, I love the feed back.