So many dresses, so little time.

 Miss A may have too many dresses. She may not be able to ever wear all of them before she grows out of them. I'm addicted to making and buying them, it's so fun to put them on her and watch her twirl around. Lately she's been exclaiming,"So bootiful. Bootiful dress." My boys never get excited about their clothes.
This dress is another Oliver and S Bubble Dress. I love that the dress is fully lined, and I don't have to spend ant extra time finishing seams because they're all enclosed. Very important to me since my serger is in storage. It's made with "Bubble Gum Basics" by Barbara Jones of Quilt Soup for Henry Glass fabrics. A very cute line of fabrics, I may use this line to make Miss A a quilt for her big girl bed. But I have so many projects on the brain, I better hold off. I love that the red dots have a white ring around them. For the back closure I layered a 5/8" red button on top of a 3/4" white button to mimic the dots in the fabric. It looks super cute, you'll have to trust me because I can't get a good picture of it.

A Gift

To keep my spirits up, I made a dress for a friends daughter. I had really good intentions. I wanted to make something cheerful and summery.

Instead, because of my inability to think straight, I chose fabric that was more spastic than anything. Unfortunately, the loud fabric didn't begin to bother me until 3/4 through the sewing. I stuck with it, and hopefully my friend will still love me even though I made a severely obnoxious dress for her daughter. It's one of those, "it's the thought that counts, I don't really expect anyone to wear this" type of things. On the bright side, Walmart had a lot of really cute brightly colored sandals that would match. So maybe it was meant to be. And maybe my friend will still like it.