I should have slept but...

Pattern: Oliver and S Birthday Party Dress (I cut it out at the same time as the bird one).

Fabric: Robert Kaufman Pimatex navy dot with a red grosgrain ribbon. I originally wanted to have bright yellow ties, but these sandals made me change my mind. I love the orange and fuchsia sandals too, maybe another summer. I have a serious addiction to tiny shoes.

So I Lied...

I obviously make time for the things I want to do. I said I wouldn't have time to sew, and I somehow did. I should have been packing/cleaning, but instead I sewed a new dress for Miss A. And found time to blog about it. Around here we call it the "Bird Day" Party dress. The striped facing shows through a bit, but over all I like it.

Pattern: Oliver and S Birthday Party Dress , once again I was ridiculously impressed with the pattern. It was perfect! I just may have to sew another one (not before moving of course).

Fabric: Urban Chiks "Sweet" by Moda. I was inspired by this dress, but thought I'd better make it in pink so Miss A could use her pink shoes, and keep me from buying some teal ones.


So, Miss A loves Cinderella. At first I was resistant, because really, she's two. We have plenty of time for her to be obsessed..but now that I'm trying to pack, I've welcomed it all with open arms. I even made her a dress. She loves to wear it and a pair of glass "zlippers" that are at least 3 sizes too big. Today, she put them on and packed a purse full of Legos and stood by the door saying, "S-go Mom, c'mon mom." I'm not sure where she wanted to go, at least she was prepared for any Lego disaster.
Her love for "Cinderella-la" may have come from my sister Megan. For a couple of years Megan has been impersonating Cinderella at parties and such. Megan had an appointment tonight at a local elementary school's literacy night, and asked G to come along dressed as Prince Charming. Why do we have a Prince Charming costume? The reason is two fold, #1 I apparently have too much time on my hands and #2 S spent several years attending princess themed dress up parties and we found that sending him as a pirate (specifically Captain Hook) was not such a great idea. Apparently little girls don't like to be told to walk the plank... Since the costume now fits G, he got to participate. He wouldn't have done it for anyone but Megan. At first when he was asked to go he said, "Will there be a table I can hide under?" Tonight before getting in Megan's car he made me look up and down the street to make sure none of his friends would see him. He did like spending the time with Megan, and it was worth being a little embarrassed to earn a candy bar. Megan mentioned that he spoke with an English accent while there. Too funny...When Megan walked into our house, Miss A immediately looked down at her own clothes and gasped. She ran up to her room and put on her own princess dress. After comparing glass slippers, and twirling a bit, Megan had to get home before her coach turned back into a pumpkin. My kids are so blessed to have an Aunt like Megan.
Also, if I wasn't supposed to be packing I would totally sew these. I'm a little bit bummed that I may not have time to sew an Easter dress for Miss A, but I'd sure like to try. Liesl's patterns are brilliant!I know I've said it a million times, but really they are like nothing else out there.