Sweet Pajamas

I love these pajamas. They were really simple to sew. I got the fabric here again. I made them a size bigger than I normally do with this brand of pattern, I wanted them to be worn for awhile. And, um, I didn't know when I would actually get around to sewing, them so I made them big just in case. Fortunately, they were simple enough that they got finished quickly. I'm not kidding when I say they were easy. If you've sewn a thing or too, but never really used a pattern before, this is the one to use.

I needed a break from Halloween sewing, S's pleather jacket has me stumped. On the up side, G said Miss A could be a cupcake Jedi if I didn't get her costume finished. A cupcake Jedi? Bless his heart for being so positive about my inability to focus on Halloween costumes.

More Clothes

I realize I should be working on Halloween costumes, but I just couldn't resist this cute combo. Once again, it's an Oliver and S pattern, the Sunday Brunch Jacket and A line Skirt. Of course, the pattern was a dream to work with. The skirt was so simple, and the pockets are so cute. I lenghtened the hem a bit because Miss A is so tall. The jacket is just adorable, and I hope to make a grey velveteen one for Christmas time. Or maybe a mustard yellow one. Hmm.. the possibilities are endless. The fabric for both is feather wale corduroy from Farmhouse Fabrics. They ship everything so quickly and it all comes tied together with the prettiest ribbon. She's a little wrinkled in the picture, but if she wasn't it just wouldn't be real to life. Just minutes after taking this picture she was digging in the newly rained on flower beds. Anyone have suggestions on getting mud out of "hand wash" only tights?